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Mentorship Program 2023 (online)

Embodying You is for heart-led, ambitious women entrepreneurs and creatives who are longing to connect deeper with their body and its wisdom and learn to navigate from it in their work. This includes artists, writers, creators, healers, spaceholders and changemakers who are longing to live and work in a more grounded, embodied way, honouring their body’s needs, pace and longings. 

We will work in a gentle, trauma-informed, somatic way to help you understand and gently shift patterns that are holding you back from showing up authentically and sharing your voice and your work with the world, so that you can begin contributing with ease and make the impact that you are longing for.


If you are tired of feeling stuck and disconnected and long to connect deeper with yourself, your body, your work, your mission, your path and to navigate and lead from that deep connection, then join this Mentorship Program and lean into a supportive circle of like-minded women as you slowly learn to untangle the knots within and move into inspired action in a way that feels supportive for you ♥

I am here to walk alongside you and share my tools, experience and wisdom with you, to make this transformation as gentle, easeful and impactful as possible. 

Start: November 1st 2023 
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